When Data meets Creativity. Chapter 2

To be an unique or relevant brand in today’s world, is all about the creativity of your advertising agency or it’s about a data driven creativity which nurtures itself from analytics!?! 

Without further ado, I’ll cut to the chase and share with you my research main findings. Here are some of them:

  1. overall, advertising analytics deployment is not a significant predictor of ideation within the Dutch advertising market at this particular moment in time. In other words, data does not really influence the creative idea.
  2. in the current setting, the skills required for putting advertising analytics into practice and lack thereof are impacting its deployment. Meaning, we are still lacking skills professionals
  3. consumers’ complex behavior moderates the relationship between advertising analytics deployment and ideation. In other words, the complexity of today’s society has an impact on agencies and their creative ideas.

Moreover, the following takeaways might be more than relevant for clients and agencies alike:

  • the top three benefits of deploying analytics are: consumers behavior understanding, gaining market insights and informed marketing decision making
  • obstacles to implementation: knowledge and lack thereof, clients reluctancy and relevancy
  • the industry is in a discovery phase in which agencies and their clients are trying make sense of data, and, in which the tech giants such as Facebook and Google are positioning themselves as marketing and advertising “strategists”
  • additionally, asking right questions and using an iterative process is imperative for ad agencies and their data strategies
  • likewise, data analytics requires talented people (the talent of working with data) in order to understand human motivations and emotions
  • according to the respondents the strategy team is currently responsible for analytics

One major take away is that agencies need to change their “way of thinking” from problem solving to “seeing” the world in opportunities. Likewise, agencies should to consider their current positioning in the industry and work towards regaining their lost value.

This is it in a nutshell. It’s quite strange to see several months work and tens of pages in a couple of bullet points. I guess I did learn something.

Until next time…

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