Why working together is the answer

I was raised in a culture where collaboration was not the word of the day. Trusting others was pretty tough, if not a sign of weakness. So I had to learn to work together with others, I had to learn to collaborate. And later in life, I got pretty lucky all of a sudden. That’s not to say that I worked hard for it without even realising what was actually happening to me.

Collaboration, what a powerful concept!

I think one of the things that stands out around me (I have been living for almost two years in the Netherlands) is a sense of community. And of a greater purpose. Everything is about business and something more. You all know about the Dutch art, flowers or cheese. Or about its rich tech startups scene, startups accelerators or hubs or platforms of all kinds. Amsterdam’s most widely spread architecture is all about community. The capital city is ranked 6th in the world’s most sustainable, livable cities. Probably it works because everything starts early: kids all eat together and share food at kindergartens, play team sports, learn how to garden or to take care of plants. So simple, yet so powerful!

And so, I have decide to make a very obvious next step. Start a new project and do it the collaborative way. Not saying more for now, hopefully you will find it worthy. Of your time or of your friends’ time. Because we are stronger together, as a very famous woman once said. Stay tunned!

Until next time…

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