We made it

New Year Eve, South Portugal

Here we are already in the new year. What will it bring, what other ventures are in store for us? It all remains to be seen. I would predict, if you allow me, a lot of caution. In the way, you do your job, run your business, your team or your life in general. We have made so much progress, please do not let it all go to waste. For the sake of your family and friends. Please stand up and protect your rights! The year to come will be challenging to say the least.

In my last post, I was writing about the importance of working together for a greater good. About a collaborative way of seeing the world. And about a new project. I’m happy to say today, it’s live and kicking. Please be so kind and meet the East End Girls.


East End Girls is a content platform dedicated to our experiences as women in tech, startups, creative industries and business in general. While living abroad. We write about our struggles, our fights and their outcomes. We write about the East and the West. Here you can find out more about why we do it.

We have a small team for now, but we dream big. We also know it’s not going to be easy. As what we are lacking is time. No matter what we do, this is humanity greatest test. But it’s also the beauty of it, as nothing can happen overnight.

We welcome all women who have similar experiences. If you are one of them do join us! If you are not, we would much appreciate a follow, like, share or a comment. This is how communities grow, as you very well know.

So please go ahead and read Claudia’sFlorentina’s or my first articles. We are looking forward to your comments.

We would also love to have you as regular readers, women and men alike, from all walks of live. We proudly stand for diversity and open minds!

Until next time…

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