When the drummers were women

During a conference I attended couple of weeks ago, I had a history lesson. Did you know that for 3000 years women have been the primary percussionists in the ancient world?!? Yes, percussionists.

One of the most used instrument was the drum. Drums were used to summon goddesses. They were also the instruments through which they “spoke” to their followers. This was the case in the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean world.

These regions are known today as the countries of Turkey, Egypt, Greece or Italy.

Fast forward to Vatican and Christianity, instruments and music associated with goddesses, were banned. So much so, that the Catholic synod of 576 said:

“Christians are not allowed to teach their daughters singing, the playing of instruments or similar things because, according to their religion, it is neither good nor becoming.”

In other words, women were no longer allowed to practice the professions of composing, teaching or performing.

This story is sad and, in the same time, inspiring. Today more than ever. In a world which redefines herself. When leaders lack vision or no longer represent their people. There is a tremendous gap. And so, there is place for activism. And for women leaders. Not only to resist, but to build, to develop.

There is no time like today to think big. And not only about women rights and equal rights, but about the rights of us all. The future of our communities, of our families is at stake. So be the drummers! Lead the way!

“That’s so great,”, you might say, “but where do we start?”. A legitimate question bien sur. From my point of view, there is no greater impact one can make today than starting up a business. And it’s also about changing the way  we see jobs nowadays.

So yes, you have an idea!?! Go ahead, become an entrepreneur. You might fail, but even so you will win. So much so, that not only you’ll start all over again, but you’ll also start leading. As you’ll trust yourself more. As now you know you can. From this point on, be it in business or your social life, you have a word to say. You’ll be able to support, get involved, educate or lead. One step at the time.

For some inspiration, here are some examples of women entrepreneurs and their innovations. From fashion and beauty, to motherhood, to online communities, politics and professional networking.  There are so many other examples, so please feel free add to the list.

If they could do it, why not you?!? No one was born a drummer!Not even the most famous female drummer of all times Karen Carpenter.

Until next time…

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