I (also) have a dream


It’s been a while. And to be honest I missed writing here. It’s a different kind of writing, more uplifting.

It’s been a while, as I have been working on several projects. One in particular is dear to me. As it’s designed based on the belief that we can do more then just another business. On a longer term.

I have never been into kids when it comes to business. Not sure why to be honest. Maybe because I always thought that business in general, is about complex issues. About complicated products or services. About politics and markets. When thinking about it, there is not much sense into that. A career should be more than just a job. It needs to drive you every morning. It needs to give some sort of purpose. And so when thinking about it, I realised whatever we do as adults should have a purpose. Which can lead to change. Long term sustainable change. And how can one do that? Well, one answer is start with kids. And their potential. Building a solid foundation for what is to come. As right now, the future does not sound that promising.

And so here I am today starting a new business focused on kids. Yes, on kids. At this stage it’s an online platform offering several collections of products. A journey from home to the world. Trying to simplify everyday day life and so give the opportunity to focus on the bigger things. Such as world discovery and learning. And as we all know the first steps are defining the future character. That is why, what you see today is just the beginning. Next step? Designing our own products. And, at a later stage, tech and entrepreneurship for kids. To drive change one needs to take small steps, you must agree.

The platform is now available in English, but soon it will be in French, German and Dutch. I am looking forward to your comments. For sure a lot to improve. So, what do you guys think? 🙂

Until next time…

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