Don’t panic

This beginning of the year seems like a continuous storm. In a positive way, but still a storm. It’s been years since I have been so overwhelmed by my to do list. Professionally and personally. So what does one do when all comes running towards oneself?!

Probably trying to find ways to better manage the storm. I am currently using about 10 to 20 tools daily, depending on the project. Some days my list could be even longer with all the applets out there. I also have to admit that I love to discover a new tool everyday. It’s amazing how creative, resourceful and innovative the human mind can be. There is a tool for everything.

Doing so every day, I’ve realised something about myself: how I’ve evolved over the years. From PR and coms, tech, start ups, marketing, data to business. Nowadays, I can even code a bit. Right now I am learning about companies valuations, for example.

Yes, it can be overwhelming. And it is. But there is no better time to grow. It will only lead to a better, broader you. Understanding transformations is crucial. But the key is to transform as well. We need to be actors. Create your hypothesis, understand roles, find reasons why and obstacles. Reinvent. Reiterate. Daily. Use the power of tech. It’s only your friend, if you understand it. The moment you lost touch, it might not be.

And so, do not panic. You will succeed, if you keep on going. There are so many courses and trainings which can help. Do you need couching? Or digital marketing skills? Or strategy? Or data analytics? Whatever it is, find the one which fits your need and get support. Some days will be better than others. No news there

Until next time…

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