Not taking no for an answer

It’s not easy to get people motivated to have do more than their everyday job. And yes, why would they? Having a job nowadays requires a lot of energy. Being successful at one’s job is becoming an art.

90% of the word’s data today was created in the last two years alone.  That’s a lot to process. We are all contributed to it: the average employee sends and receives 122 emails per day.

Nonetheless, there are pressing matters out there, as women make up only 51.5% of all managers. Excluding half the talent of the planet, how does that work?

There are a lot of initiatives out there. Targeted to women in tech, for example. But the problem goes beyond that. It’s present everywhere. In all layers of society. European and beyond. And for it to change, we need to produce as much content on the matter as possible. This is one of those situations, when more is better. It’s a political, economic and social debate. What role women play? How are they influencing business success or the voting process?

Moreover, what happens when you go beyond borders? We are a multicultural, borderless society. And those who think differently and try to create boundaries, are only going to lose this game. In the same time, we are local. Interconnected globally with local needs which require taking care of.

And so, what better way to act than having women state their views and tell their own stories? We do not need advocates. We can represent ourselves. As we need to bring global women together locally. Oh, that’s a hard phrase to read. But I am sure you got the point! What do you think?

Until next time…

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