5 ways COVID-19 is impacting fintech startups

We’re living in a new macroeconomic narrative with major changes taking place every day. We’re also witnessing exceptional measures being put in place to support startups, for example France making €4 billion available and Germany pledging a €2 billion aid package. Several measures have been put in the place by the Dutch as well. And as the innovation community starts to mobilise and demand support, we might see the UK putting forward some aid. Other governments, such as the Spanish, are experimenting with the universal economic income.

Making sense of it all is not an easy task. What are the implications for startups and for fintech startups in particular? Only couple of weeks ago these startups were living one of their best years for some time.

To find out the industry trends right now, have a look at the full article published on Eu-Startups.

Until next time, stay stay safe and healthy.

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