15 of the best Startup & VC Newsletters you should subscribe to

Keeping up with the startup and VC news is not an easy task. Things are evolving at high speed and on a continuous basis in this dynamic space.

When it comes to understanding market shifts, investor controversy and not to mention making sense of new cutting-edge tech and being aware of the ever-changing trends – it can be a little overwhelming at times. Signing up for relevant newsletters can help you filter the noise and make sure that the media you’re consuming is trustworthy, relevant and up to date.

So, we have curated this list of newsletters that you can subscribe to. They will all help you stay informed and provide information in a digestible and understandable way. 

FemStreet – it’s a weekly newsletter on female founders, startup operators, investors and tech news led by Sarah Nöckel and her team. They also have a job board for your next dream job or dream employee. Based in London, it’s been hitting up invoices since 2018. 

Sunday CET – A weekly selection of what is noteworthy in the European investment space, curated by entrepreneur and investor Dragos Novac. It launched about three years ago to track the booming startup ecosystem, highlighting money, new and old actors, emerging business practices and interests coming from all the corners of the old continent.

FutureTravel – A free newsletter flying into your inbox every week, FutureTravel brings the most exciting, relevant and engaging updates and insights into what is going on in the travel and hospitality sectors. Its aim is to highlight and celebrate the main innovative forces of the travel business. There’s also an annual FutureTravel Summit – taking place on November 4th this year. 

Exponential View – This Sunday newsletter by Azeem Azari explores the near future of technology & society bringing clarity to complex technologies and economic scenarios. Azeem brings his long-time experience as a technology founder, investor, regulator, and analyst to the weekly assessment of what’s going on.  

Seedtable – Newsletter on European tech and how it affects society by Gonzalo Sanchez delivered on Fridays. Based out of Barcelona, Seedtable brings an authentic analysis of European technology and how it affects society. 

For colored girls who tech – A weekly newsletter highlighting entrepreneurship and venture capital in the tech ecosystem, curated for and by women of colour – inspired by the work of Ntozake Shange. It aims to build a centralized and highly engaged and active community, online and offline, by sharing pertinent news, insights, funding opportunities, new startups, and events.

Hey World – Regular newsletter from the danish long time developer, founder, author, le Mans & WEC racing driver and investor David Heinemeier Hansson on tech, managing teams, remote work and many more.

Foodhack – Insights into food tech startups and investments delivered weekly by Arman Anatürk and his team. Based in Lausanne, it tracks the global growing foodtech space, bringing subscribers the inside scoop on the industry as well as the chance to meet partners, friends, mentors and investors. 

Agfunder – Weekly news and views on the European and global agtech market with stories from founders and investors. The site publishes daily, original news on the agriculture technology (“agtech”) industry, including the latest funding news and analysis of trends in the sector.

The Weekly Climate – Landing in your inbox every Monday, this is a newsletter for those who want to stay up to date on the global climate crisis – news and trends within climate science, technology, startups, policy, major carbon emitters, climate justice and so on.

Dealroom – This weekly newsletter by a European provider of data and intelligence on startups and tech ecosystems is packed with news & insights about startups, venture capital and innovation. It’s based out of Amsterdam and has been operating since 2013.

Strategic Intelligence – World Economic Forum’s newsletter exploring the issues and forces driving transformational change across economies and industries. It explores and makes sense of the connections between different economies, industries and global issues –  topics such as Climate Change or Artificial Intelligence, co-curated with leading universities and international organizations. 

Sequoia – One of the first VCs in the world headquartered in Menlo Park, California which specializes in seed stage, early stage, and growth stage investments in private companies across technology sectors. This is a monthly newsletter with stories from US and European startup founders.

EU-Startups Newsletter  – The EU-Startups Newsletter is delivered to your inbox every week. Alongside the most exciting and interesting startup news, it also gives you access to insights into the wider startup and European innovation space, great event discounts and keeps you up to date with unique opportunities. 

Overlooked –  Another weekly newsletter but this time about venture capital and underrated consumer trends by investor Alexandre Dewez. Alexandre is based in Paris, and investing in European startups in seed, series A & B at Eurazeo.

This article was first published on Eu-Startups.com.

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