This is me

I am marcom professional and entrepreneur with experience in several EMEA markets, passionate about tech, startups, branding and comms. My motto: Never stop learning!

My latest quest brought me to the Netherlands five years ago. After holding several startups consulting roles and co-founding an e-commerce business, I’ve joined Vive – Dutch fintech startup – in October 2018. Before moving to Amsterdam I’ve spent three years in Africa, working on the first large scale entrepreneurial program in French-speaking Africa.

The first years of my career were spent with the McCann World Group and Weber Shandwick as a Head of Tech PR, and later on, as the co-founder of a digital communications agency dedicated to tech corporates and startups. During the years, I have been responsible for B2C and B2B global brands in verticals such as software, consumer electronics, telco, IoT, cybersecurity, fintech, automotive and FMCG.

Some of the brands I worked with: Microsoft, Toshiba, Canon, HTC, Symantec, Huawei, Alcatel, Vodafone, Ericsson, Orange, VMware, Business Software Alliance, School4Startups, How to Web (startup hub and annual conference), Mercedes, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Heineken, Nissan, Exact along side several NGOs and startups.