5 female leaders driving change in the European blockchain ecosystem

There are many women working to drive change in the European blockchain ecosystem. And to no surprise, the majority of them are not the founders of the fast growing companies we see out here, but they are contributing to their success from many other different perspectives. With that in mind, here are some inspirational blockchain women leaders to look up to.

Thinking about becoming an entrepreneur? Check out what these founders and VCs have to say

Most founders have been through a stage of questioning themselves and the way they see the world. Should I leave my job and work on that idea I had? Will I be able to make it work? How long will it take? How will I build a team? Will I be able to raise funds? Will anyone buy my service/product? Are just some of the questions they all struggled to answer.

“Insects will play an important role in tomorrow’s food chain”, Aude Guo, co-founder Innovafeed

More than 33% of global arable land today is used to produce feed for livestock production. Replacing plant-based protein with insect protein will enable agricultural land currently used to produce feed crops, to instead be used for growing food for human consumption. In this context, the concept of using insects as a sustainable, alternative source of protein in animal feed has gained considerable traction in recent years.

How to build a Minimum Viable Brand Experience for your startup

If you’re working for a startup or are a startup founder, the term minimum viable product (MVP) is probably very familiar to you. And I am sure many sleepless nights were spent thinking about it. But what about your brand and the experience your customers have with your product, how many hours or team brainstorms have you spent on those topics?! If the answer is not that many, this article is for you.

Women coders: meet the coding startups and academies improving gender equality

2020 is not cancelled as some claim, it has metamorphosed into the year of human rights as issues such as equality and diversity are being raised globally. Among so many hard talks we need to have and issues to handle is also the role of women in tech. This article goes beyond the role of women in positions of leadership and focuses on women in technical roles such as computer programmers aka coders.