Author: Veronica Fresneau

  • 5 ways COVID-19 is impacting fintech startups

    We’re living in a new macroeconomic narrative with major changes taking place every day. Making sense of it all is not an easy task. What are the implications for startups and for fintech startups in particular?!

  • Social physics: How founders can increase their team productivity

    Social physics analyses patterns of human experience and idea exchange using the digital crumbs we leave behind. Like credits cards transactions or GPS locations. These are different from posting on Facebook, as those are what people chose to say. Where people spend their time or what they buy, teaches us more on who they are. According to professor Pentland by using social physics we can “predict the productivity of small groups, of departments within companies, and even of entire cities.”

  • What it takes to be a successful startup in 2020

    The rules of entrepreneurship change at a rapid pace. Founders need more than tech to succeed. This is one of those questions which will get an it depends type of answer 90% of cases. And as the startup world is evolving every day, it becomes harder and harder to define at first sight.

  • Not taking no for an answer

    It’s not easy to get people motivated to have do more than their everyday job. And yes, why would they? Having a job nowadays requires a lot of energy. Being successful at one’s job is becoming an art.

  • Don’t panic

    This beginning of the year seems like a continuous storm. In a positive way, but still a storm. It’s been years since I have been so overwhelmed by my to do list. So what does one do when all comes running towards oneself?!

  • When the drummers were women

    Did you know that for 3000 years women had been the primary percussionists in the ancient world?!? Yes, percussionists. This was the case in the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean world.

  • Why working together is the answer

    I was raised in a culture where collaboration was not the word of the day. Trusting others was pretty tough, if not a sign of weakness. So I had to learn to work together with others, I had to learn to collaborate.