Women in Dutch fintech startups: bridging the gender gap

I have to be honest with with you. Todays’ startup world is far from inclusive and it has huge gender gaps. The figures are speaking for themselves.

In 2019 92% of all funds raised by European VC-backed companies went to all-male founding teams. Based on the 2019 Gender Diversity Startup & Scaleup Report, only 11.6% of founders in the Netherlands were women. Since 2008 €538m were invested in male founded startups, while €19m (3,5%) in mixed or female-founded startups. Additionally, only 0,8% of all investments since 2008 went to startups with only female founders. Moreover, only 6% of decision-makers in Netherlands based VC firms are women.

Women in tech are more vocal with many communities and international conferences created in the last years.

In fintech the pace si much slower even though several communities and initiatives have seen the light of day. The UK FinTech Census 2019 estimates that women represent 29.5% of the workforce. The Census also showed that 25% of FinTechs have at least one female co-founder. The Dutch fintech industry is one of the most active in Europe with over 400 companies operating in the market, but even less women are founders or hold decission making roles.

To fill this gap, several initiatives like the Fundright or the Borski Fund have been created in the Netherlands. 

In the midst of these complex realities, there are a handful of women fintech founders in the Netherlands who have made manage to build long lasting businesses. To find out who they are, have a look at the full article published on Eu-Startups.

Until next time, stay stay safe and healthy.

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